Save to Win is a national, award-winning prize-linked savings product that incents members to save with chances to win prizes.

  • This is not a lottery or a sweepstakes and does not involve any type of gambling.
  • Members never lose their deposits and whatever they save, plus the interest earned over the term, is theirs to keep, no matter the outcome of the drawings.

The Save to Win program utilizes a 12-month share certificate account with a minimum opening deposit of $25 and has unlimited deposit capabilities.

  • One account per person
  • One withdrawal permitted per 12-month term for a $25 fee
  • Minimum balance requirement is $25

Account holders receive one entry into both the monthly and quarterly drawings for every $25 in month-over-month balance increase, with a maximum of 10 entries per month/30 entries per quarter ($250 per month/$3,000 annually).

  • Members can save as much as they want in their account, but will only be given the maximum entries allowed for that drawing period.
  • Credit unions set the interest rate for their product and can adjust it at any time.
  • Credit unions can also incorporate a dollar cap on the account, which can be no less than $3,000 for the 12-month term.
  • Credit unions are responsible for monthly data reporting and monitoring.

Account holders have the opportunity to win in several ways:

  1. National prizes are awarded each month and quarter, with prize amounts ranging from $25-$5,000. These prizes are funded by credit union participation fees from across the country.
  2. Statewide prizes are awarded each month and quarter, with prize amounts ranging from $50-$1,000. The Indiana prize pool is funded by Servicecorp.
  3. Credit unions also have the option to promote a separate member drawing. These prizes would be funded separately by an individual credit union for its own members.


Credit unions wishing to participate in Save to Win need to get approval from their boards of directors and sign a participation agreement in order to launch the program. The quarterly deadlines are shown in the box below.

  Save to Win Agreement Signed by:  

  Launch Date:  

  1st Drawing Members Would Be Eligible For:  

July 31

October 1


October 31

January 1


January 31

April 1


April 30

July 1




For Credit Unions:

  • Exclusively available only at participating credit unions.
  • Save to Win is an affordable product that builds member loyalty by offering a product that helps members become more financially savvy.
  • Turnkey marketing materials, training documents, technology support and product administration are available.
  • Credit unions with prize winners can gain additional PR through social media outlets and check presentations.
  • Enables credit unions the opportunity to award additional member prizes.
  • Credit unions can control the interest rate and incorporate dollar caps on the product to help maintain their balance sheets.
  • This product has the potential to bring in new members and gives credit unions cross selling opportunities to increase wallet share.
  • Participation fees are $1,100-$6,600/year based on credit union membership.

For Members:

  • Save to Win is free to members.
  • Allows members to start a regular savings plan with automatic deposits and created savings goals.
  • Offers members earning potential with prizes throughout the year.
  • Gives members the thrill of a lottery without the risk.
  • Builds trust by knowing their credit union has their best interest in mind.
  • Members are allowed one withdrawal per 12-month term so their money isn’t locked in like a typical CD.
  • Save to Win is a secure and insured savings product.
  • Shared consumer website provides educational content and savings tools to members.
  • Automatic renewal at maturity makes continuing participation easy and convenient for members.
  • Save to Win is a highly engaging, sticky and sustainable product that remains attractive to accountholders over time and gives your credit union the opportunity to broaden member relationships.
  • In the program’s first year, Michigan members saved a total of $8.5 million, which was about $735 per person. Today, savings growth for the national program has reached more than $115 million.

To sign up, contact the Indiana Credit Union League:

Craig Dauksas, Consultant –  800.285.5300, ext. 5333 or 317.594.5333
Joe Guilfoy, SVP, League Services & Regulatory Analysis –  800.285.5300, ext. 5313 or 317.594.5313



The Indiana Credit Union League has partnered with Credit Union Service Group (CUSG) to offer Save to Win, which is currently offered in seven other states. Save to Win is a trademark of the Doorways to Dreams Fund and it is administered by CUSG, an affiliate of the Michigan Credit Union League.