Foundation Grant Request Format


  1. PROPOSAL SUMMARY - Please summarize in a short paragraph the purpose of your organization (if other than a credit union). Briefly explain why your organization is requesting this grant, what outcomes you hope to achieve, and how you will spend the funds if a grant is made. Do not use more than one-half page.
  2. Background-Describe the work of your organization, addressing each topic:
    1. A brief description of its history (i.e. year organized, annual figures reflecting number of members, assets, loans, deposits, services offered, etc.) and mission in the field of membership.
    2. The need or problem that your organization works to address.
    3. Current programs and accomplishments. Please emphasize the achievements of the past year and those achieved so far in the current year. Include current figures for the number of members, assets, loans, deposits, etc.
    4. The community your organization serves, including geographic location, socio-economic status, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical ability, and language.
    5. Number of paid full-time / part-time staff; salaries of staff; number of volunteers.
    6. Your organization's relationships - both formal and informal - with other organizations working to meet the same needs or providing similar services. Please explain how you differ from these other organizations.
  3. Funding request-Please describe the program or purpose for which you seek funding:
    1. If applying for general operating support, briefly describe how this grant would be used and amounts corresponding to areas of support, and how this will help the organization become self-sufficient.
    2. If your request is for a specific project, please explain the project including:
      • A statement of its primary purpose and the need or problem that you are seeking to address
      • The community that you plan to serve and how this population will benefit from the project
      • Strategies that you will employ to implement your project
      • The names and qualifications of the individuals who will direct the project
      • Anticipated length of the project
      • How the project contributes to your organization's overall mission
    3. Please list the foundations, corporations, and other sources that you are soliciting for funding, and, to the best of your knowledge, your status with each.
  4. Evaluation-Please explain how you will measure the effectiveness of your activities.
  5. Describe your criteria for a successful program and the results you expect to have achieved by the end of the funding period.
  6. ATTACHMENTS - Please label all attachments
  7. Financial Information - Please provide the dates that each document covers.
    1. Your most recent financial statement, audited if available or applicable. This statement should reflect actual expenditures and funds received during your most recent fiscal year.
    2. Aligned side by side on the same page, your operating budget for the current and most recent fiscal year.
    3. Aligned side by side on the same page, a list of foundation and corporate supporters and other sources of income, with amounts, for your current and most recent fiscal year.
    4. A copy of your three-year business plan.
    5. If project funding is requested: A current budget for the project. List each staff line separately and include % of time spent on project. Indicate the specific uses of the requested grant.
  8. Other Supporting Materials
    1. A list of your Board of Directors, with their affiliations.
    2. One paragraph resumes of key staff.
    3. Your most recent annual report, if available.
    4. No more than three examples of recent articles about, or evaluations of, your organization, if available.