Scholarship Guidelines

Eligibility Requirements:
  1. Applicant must be a director, committee member or employee of a credit union headquartered in Indiana.
  2. No more than three (3) of the total number of scholarships awarded will be given to any individual credit union.
  3. Scholarship recipients may receive only one scholarship per calendar year.
  4. Deadline for application for scholarships is January 15, 2019 for all awards.
  5. Certificate programs or course participation will be reimbursed upon successful completion of the course.
  6. Conference registration fees will be reimbursed upon confirmation of conference attendance by the Foundation.
Scope of Scholarship:
The following guidelines will be used in determining the amount of the scholarship awarded:
  • Maximum scholarship of $1,000
  • Scholarships will reimburse 75% of the early bird registration fee up to the $1,000 maximum.
  • For scholarships to the ICUL Managers Conference, ICUL Volunteer Leadership Conference and CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference, 75% of the early bird registration fee and overnight room expense will be approved for reimbursement up to the $1,000 maximum.
  • If the registration fee for a conference is less then $100, the scholarship would be for 100% of the early bird registration fee.
  • If the registration fee is more than $100 and the 75% calculation would result in a scholarship of less than $100, the amount of the scholarship would be increased to $100.
  • The applicant can request attendance at any education session, but a preference will be given to sessions sponsored by the League, Servicecorp, CUNA, CUNA Mutual and Corporate FCUs. This preference will be given through the methodology utilized to score the application.
  • The scholarship process will be open to all credit unions. However, based on ICUL and CUNA policies, credit unions not affiliated with the Indiana Credit Union League or CUNA may not attend conferences and seminars sponsored by those organizations. As a result, only conferences outside of those sponsored by ICUL and CUNA are eligible for consideration for non-affiliated credit unions.